4.5 oz AmeriMist™ 12 Color Sheen Kit


Our AmeriMist™ 4.5 oz Airbrush Variety gives you 12 frequently used colors to meet and exceed most project needs. The large 4.5 oz bottle size allows you to use and re-use the colors multiple times. The strength of these colors is like nothing you have ever used before! This kit contains 12/4.5 oz bottles of airbrush in the following colors:

  • Gold Sheen
  • Silver Sheen
  • Pearl Sheen
  • Copper Sheen
  • Bronze Sheen
  • Blue Sheen
  • Yellow Sheen
  • Green Sheen
  • Orange Sheen
  • Pink Sheen
  • Red Sheen
  • Lavender Sheen

*Due to the calibration differences between computer monitors, tablets, etc., the color you see here may not exactly match the finished product.

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Additional information

Weight4.13 lbs
Dimensions6.75 x 5 x 5.75 in