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The holiday season is here, and we want to show our appreciation to all of you for making 2017 a fantastic year. So, when you order a Soft Gel Paste™ Nifty Fifty Kit by December 19th, you will receive a Christmas Gourmet Writer™ pen set, plus four of our newest Soft Gel Paste™ colors—Laurel, Sangria, Cork and Blush!

Blush is the first of our Soft Gel Paste™ colors to be dual purpose. It can be added to buttercream and royal icing in the usual manner for a no-fade light pink. It can also be painted with a brush onto the surface of your choice to achieve a Rose Gold color with a metallic finish! There is no alcohol in this product and it is kosher certified, like all AmeriColor products. Click HERE to view our Nifty Fifty Kit.

Thanks for a fantastic year and happy holidays to everyone!




Introducing six new colors—Laurel, Sangria, Cork, Blush, Dijon and Peacock! These colors are available now exclusively HERE in both Soft Gel Paste™ and AmeriMist™.




Introducing our newly designed AmeriColor® display racks for our signature .75 oz squeeze bottles with flip-top caps. If you’re an authorized AmeriColor® retail shop, please contact us for pricing. Each forged steel rack comes embellished with a reclaimed wood face panel and can hold 144 colors. Rack labels are included.




Looking for an AmeriColor® authorized shop near you? Check out our list of authorized shops HERE. International shops coming soon!




At AmeriColor, we’re always looking for new ways to better serve our customers. We can create new colors and products, but that doesn’t help if our products don’t reach our customers. To make it easier, we’ve decided to make some changes to our sales structure and channels of distribution.
On February 6th 2017, AmeriColor will begin opening accounts with cake decorating supply shops. We see retail shops as representatives of our product and brand, adding valuable service and expertise for our customers. So, if you have a brick and mortar retail storefront and haven’t been able to buy directly from us before, now you can.
Click here on February 6th to learn more!



Dear friends and customers of AmeriColor:
We frequently get reports about online resellers taking inferior food color and labeling it as genuine AmeriColor® product, or selling in in bottles made to look like AmeriColor® bottles. While imitation is perhaps the sincerest form of flattery, we take the reports quite seriously and want to protect you against such deceptive practices.
For instance, we recently came across a Ukranian website at that purports to sell AmeriColor® products, while our investigation shows them to be counterfeit. This website even published an FDA Certificate of Free Sale in our name, implying that they are a legitimate reseller when in fact they are not.
So, to all our friends and customers here in the United States and abroad, please be vigilant when buying AmeriColor® products online! In addition to our own website, we have authorized resellers around the world. We love our growing community of resellers, bakers and sugar artists, and we hate to see someone take advantage of you. Remember, if you have any questions about the legitimacy of an online reseller, just ask. We’re only a couple of clicks away!
AmeriColor Corp.



Autumn is almost here, and AmeriColor is ready with four new colors to help you celebrate the season in style! Available in our shop now!