AmeriColor Corp. is a family owned and operated company that manufactures food color and other products associated with the baking and sugar art industries. Founded in 1995, AmeriColor Corp. is based on the old-fashioned principles of honesty, service, quality and value. These principles embody the essence of who we are.

We have developed a unique form of color and packaging for our products. To provide greater efficiency, quality, value and convenience for the decorator we created Soft Gel Paste™, a pourable, highly concentrated gel, breaking with the industry standard of a hard paste in a jar.

We purposefully chose a bottle that looked different from anything else on the market—a squeezable bottle with a flip-top cap. This allows color to be dispensed in individual drops for clean and easy to repeat control from one application to the next. Our AmeriMist™ airbrush colors have been formulated to match the Soft Gel Paste™ in both strength and shade, and are offered in the same revolutionary bottle.

For more than 20 years these attributes have established both our trade dress and product quality, becoming synonymous with AmeriColor®.


We started AmeriColor® to bring you the world’s best, most vibrant food color and sugar art related products. We are proud to inspire the creative talents of decorators and sugar artists all over the world.

Remember, if it doesn’t say AmeriColor®, it’s not AmeriColor®.